Jumat, 26 April 2013

Yellow Tribal

Heiyoo this is my design too
Love the yellow tribal so much

My Outfits
Scarf : Unbranded
Dress : my design "yellow tribal"
Outwear : my design
Watch : Adam n Eve
Shoes : Kickers

Selasa, 23 April 2013

The Wedding

Happy Wedding my lovely "Mba Ika and Mas Irwan"
Yey, she is Shabrina sister and I really asume Mba Ika is my sister too
The wedding party was amazing I really enjoy the party

The Bride Mb Ika and Mas Irwan

Me, Shabrina, Novi and Ayu

Behind the scane hihi

The decoration of wedding

Over all I really enjoy this party
Happy Wedding Mba Ika and Mas Irwan
May Allah Bless U and Sakinah, Mawadah, Warahmah

Senin, 22 April 2013

When tosca meet white

Bulan ini aku mulai nyoba buka lapak hihi
Semoga keberkahan selalu Allah berikan kepada saya
This is my four design it is "twotone top" love the color very much

Minggu, 21 April 2013

Pinky Day

I Love Pink
Brukat skirt pink is my design and i really love it
The inspiration come from my friends they are Rini n Annisa

Stripe Dress

When the sun was not shine
Today is very tired but I take some photoes for my beloved customer
Stripe dress is my new design and this is for sale

I brought an umberella coz the rain was came

Kamis, 18 April 2013

Be My Self

This is a hectic week,, sorry I posting very late but enjoy it guys :)
This pink farisa tunik this is be my self and my first design very love it!!

Sabtu, 13 April 2013

Forever Young

yey yey yey
This is Sunday... Alhamdulillah my friends and I can going to CFD in my town..
We take photo session at Masjid Agung Demak this is landmark in my town..
Anw, over all our outfit not to girly and I really love our outfit today


Lets check when I met my firends that so amazing!!
Shabrin n me

me shabrina n novi

Special one for my beloved friend :) Novita!! Laff u muah
Novita  n me

Sabtu, 06 April 2013

Call Me Princess♥

Hey,, This is me when I met my friend in Robuchon..
He called me "Princess" 

When I look so busy with my phone


Rifa'atul Marwah


Long long time no see,,
I love to make a friends and today I will posting about my first group they are "AMIGOS" we're together since junior high school but Novita is my best friend since elementary school. Laff u all 

This is some old photos but still good 

shabrina, ayun, novita and me

This is my romantic session with Shabrina
Shabrina n me

ayun n me

Look Novita now!! She look so greedy :*

Nah liat tuh 3 tumpuk piring salad hasil sambaran novita.. dia benerean salad addict!!


Rifa'atul Marwah

Kamis, 04 April 2013

Hello April!!

Welcome April!! Be nice month and good bye March
Yay!! special thanks for Ardwi he is my friend and my inspiration :) Good Boy!!
These photo session taken in a our Senior High School 1 Demak thanks a lot for Shabrina Duwek and Tian you're so precious 




Look this photo!! We're so romantic right?
shabrina n me


Rifa'atul Marwah