Senin, 27 Januari 2014


“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.” 
-Muhammad Ali-

This photo taken by Canon EOS 600D in December 2013 at Alun - Alun Kidul Yogyakarta
with my best friends from Demak

Sunday Get Holiday

Try to Silhouette tomorrow and this photo dedicated for my friends who enjoy their holiday in their home town. Happy Holiday my collegian friends!!
See u in Semester 2, I will miss u

OCB Fair Days 2

Here I am, just spend my two days totally for OCB Fair in Faculty Economic and still proud of my OCB class because over all my class winning the events of OCB Fair. Congrats for u!!
Our friendship not stopped in here. Thank you all. See u...
(Semester 1 is over)

See, I never can stay away from them (my best friends) where ever I go while they are always with me and you know that the friendship is totally beautiful like a sun that always shinning.
 Thanks you!!

I find this candid photo in my camera, I think this photo has been delete before.
This photo taken when I playing cards with my class mates.

Minggu, 26 Januari 2014

OCB Fair Day 1


Every year there is a great Output Character Building (OCB) Fair with different theme every year. This event is for only to new collegian like me. Collegians very support and glad to join with this event.

This is from my OCB B classmates, I was so luck knew them. Proud to have u guys.

The Girls
From the left there are Tisa, Me, Atika, Tika, Bunga, Betta and Hana

The Boys
From left there are Yudha, Sendi, Me and Ridho
Not only for join this event but also my best friends in collegian can feel the best moment for us. I will present about my best friends in collegian (again)
I don't know what I want to say but I really really really happy because I have a best friends who always stay for me. I never meet out togetherness like my best friends and me. 
Keep Togetherness and Stay Together ya guys me love u

From the left  Misel, Tian, Me, Muti, Shiwi, Danang and Caesar

See, this is our natural face haha
Oh ya, the boys in the corner are Ryan and Hilmi

Best of the best, hello Shiwi this is especially for u my best friend, my best partner for everything such as partner for eat, hangout, study, include partner for sleep because she often sleep in my room, everything feel so free when I near u my dear :)

That Day


It was surprised for me because my mother and my sister came to my house boarding in Yogyakarta. Sometimes, I might want to ask why they came suddenly? But then, when they came to me my life feel so awesome. 

In addition, my sister come to Jogja because she want to meet up with her boy friend. Oh that so a big reason for her to invite my mother to visit me. LOL!!

In the night my sister and I visited "Tugu Yogyakarta" and "km 0" arrived there we are not alone. My sister boyfriend's come and helped me to take photos, the result is clean and over all good, what do u think like me?

All of this photos taken by Canon EOS 60D thank you so much my sister boyfriend's
He is like a master photography with his 14th years old
I really falling in love with his result

Owala, this is my sister and me when for first time we can enjoy Jogja in the night without my parent, I am a great believer that I getting a beautiful night.

You can see from the left is my sister boyfriend (Muhis), my sister (Fara) and me

Sabtu, 25 Januari 2014

Mood Booster


Just a little story, this is very late post. Many days ago before final exam was start, my friends and I tried to study really hard for our final exam. Can't you believe that our final exam just take four days and we are really happy because we can back to our home town fast.
Best wishes for our final exam..

Many ways for us to study, one of them is study in peaceful place like "Kalimilk"

Tada!! This is my mood booster for study the awkward Accounting. 
Please welcome my favorite kalimilk strawberry I love anything about strawberry processed

Red is Never Ending


Hi Saturday!! I back to my home town yesterday and today is first day that I have holiday. I really wish my holiday is very beautiful like yesterday I spend in Jogja with my BF.
January is mean rain everyday. Yaps, the rain can't stopped, it's so gloomy and breezy. The rain make me can't go out and just stay at home. Actually I don't like rain but the rain is the only weather where I feel comfortable to wearing sweaters. Hehe :)

The photos taken by Canon 1100 D and all of my OOTD taken by my sister who always help me for everything about photos. Thanks dear ^^

I really falling in love with my watch "Marc by Marc Jacobs"
soon as possible I wanna buy again, I swear!

There are many colors that I love. The one of my favorite is red, I don't know why I really love with red, I think when I using and wearing red outfits I feel like it's me!! Red is the color that have mean "full of spirit" 

My Outfits :
Scarf : Unbranded
Necklace : Adam & Eve
Watch : Marc by Marc Jacob
Bag : Adele
Top : Sweater (IG: @hosofshopaholic)
Pant : Al - Fath
Flat Shoes : Donatello