Selasa, 22 April 2014

Throwback : Sweet Green


Hello, April!! It's the day that I have to back in Yogyakarta for studied of course. Today's post about the day when I stayed in one of my fave culinary place. Last month, I went to Cimory with my special one. It was the time when he felt tired because we have to spent 4 hours to arrived in Yogyakarta and he drove it everytime for me. 

Cimory originate from Bogor since 2006. But now it open in Semarang, this was the place that never noisy. It was so cool! Cimory was comfortable place with the cold air and every where look sweet green. This place recommended for relaxation. It was more sweet atmosphere.

Anyway, I took this photos by iphone camera because I didn't bring camera but the result is not bad :)

Jumat, 07 Maret 2014

Cafe Du Portrait


This time I want to recommendation a cafe in Semarang that has a vintage interior, called Du Portrait. I really love with the interior this look so adorable and warm full when we visited this cafe. Whenever we visited cafe the first menu I look was chicken steak. I think when the cafe has delicious chicken steak it mean the others menu are delicious, it's so strange right?

This is old photos, I have taken this photos 2 months ago when I have free time with my best friends. When we are visit this cafe you will feel like a home with the interior in 2nd floor. In addition, I think the waitress in this cafe actually have a little experience they are not kind to serve our, maybe this is a new cafe. But over all I love this cafe with all of their have.

Shabrina take Novita and me candid photo, we often doing something that not important as always as we do and we are so childish like an students of elementary school.

Ta-Ra this is our menu that we order, its so yummy ^^

Selasa, 04 Februari 2014

Purple Mini Skirt


In my region the weather is not friendly, I mean rain everyday and make some villages in my city getting flood, alhamdulillah everything is right in my house. You know in "pantura" there are disasters such as landslide and flood. Well, rain and flood make some hole in road, of course it not save for drivers. Hope the disasters can stop :)

By the way, from many weeks ago I falling in love with sweater, sweater make me fell warm because I don't like with rain and cool. At home I don't what have to I wear, because I don't bring many clothes from mu house boarding, that's so strange if I bring many clothes. But, thanks so much for my mother because she often safe my old clothes in her wardrobe, she always said "one day you will need this clothes again my dear" and of course she is right. When I boring with my clothes I try to open my old wardrobe and I find my skirt from I still elementary school, when I try to wearing my skirt alhamdulillah the skirt can I wear. Suddenly I think can using my skirt again with the new style. 

You can she that this is tutu skirt, right? Well, some years ago this tutu skirt has famous too and now tutu skirt is famous (again) it mean some peoples sometimes back to past not try to find a new innovation. This is the photos before my long skirt (when I elementary school) after my mini skirt (now).


"Fashion is not something that exist in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening"
-Coco Chanel-

Senin, 03 Februari 2014

Blue and Pink


One of my favorite color is pink and I love to combination pink and blue because that is a pastel color, soft to looking. In addition, in my wardrobe there are many outfits with pink color and don't know why I see a pink outfit I wanna buy that, I don't think twice before I buy something it make my wardrobe full of outfits which I dislike to wear that.

By the way, in this posting I wearing outfits which I dislike to wear that because emm my body look fat. Are you think like me? But, I try something new with mix and match my favorite color, yap blue and pink. Actually this skirt can using 3 steps.

Minggu, 02 Februari 2014

Sunday on Fixie


This is the way why I choose my Sunday with car free day (read : bicycle) in my home town. Actually this photos taken on a week ago but my activity was crowded with enjoyed my holiday. I really falling in love with the little place near my house, sometime it like a mountain from my house but this is to much a little rock.

My sister (sibling) and my brother follow me to enjoy the Sunday with bicycle and she (always) help me to take a photos. I can't enjoy when I using my fixie bicycle, it just like cute but for sporty this bicycle is not recommend.

I often confuse with what must I wear when I get work out time and I try to mix and match my old outfit into a good looking outfit I think. On this Sunday, I wear all of my old outfit, because you know that my outfits there in boarding house at Jogja.Oh yap, my outfit and bicycle is matching, right?

Sabtu, 01 Februari 2014

20th For Shabrina

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Today is the 20th for Shabrina, yap she is my best friend since junior high school, I really love her. Over all this posting dedicated for her because today she get 20 years old, so u are not a teenager, now u are a woman haha Happy Birthday beautiful!!

 best friend is not about "How long we know each other?" not about "How much we giving a goodness or weakness?" not about "How many we often together?"
I think best friend is about you and me will be here for us to the end and never left you side

Happy Birthday Shabrina
Hope ur birthday blossoms into lots of dream come true
I wish you have a sunny coming day, many smiles, reliable friends surrounding you, feel family warmth and always be the way you are
Hoping that ur day will be as special as you are.

Barakallahu fii umrik wahayatik my dear ^^

Senin, 27 Januari 2014


“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.” 
-Muhammad Ali-

This photo taken by Canon EOS 600D in December 2013 at Alun - Alun Kidul Yogyakarta
with my best friends from Demak

Sunday Get Holiday

Try to Silhouette tomorrow and this photo dedicated for my friends who enjoy their holiday in their home town. Happy Holiday my collegian friends!!
See u in Semester 2, I will miss u

OCB Fair Days 2

Here I am, just spend my two days totally for OCB Fair in Faculty Economic and still proud of my OCB class because over all my class winning the events of OCB Fair. Congrats for u!!
Our friendship not stopped in here. Thank you all. See u...
(Semester 1 is over)

See, I never can stay away from them (my best friends) where ever I go while they are always with me and you know that the friendship is totally beautiful like a sun that always shinning.
 Thanks you!!

I find this candid photo in my camera, I think this photo has been delete before.
This photo taken when I playing cards with my class mates.