Minggu, 29 Desember 2013

Alia's Project


My best friends like Muti, Shiwi (Lampung) and I have a new project. We have an idea to make a beautiful handmade gift for Alia (Yogyakarta) birthday. Short story, we meet on gathering, emm maybe this is like a first sight for us and become us best friends forever. I love them too much they are a simple friends and when I feel lonely they always be there (except Alia maybe because she is very busy with her activity) no no Alia also give her quality time for me to. *pardon me al

TA-RA this is our project for Alia.. Do u think that our project is beautiful?

Sabtu, 28 Desember 2013

Beard Papa's Vs Mochi


I just wanna say thank you so much for a yummyy food that my best friend bring from Lampung. Yap, she is Muti who give me a yummy food that call "Beard Papa's" you have to try this food when you are visited Lampung, but you can found it in airport such as Soekarno Hatta Airport. Beard Papa's don't use preservative so it is expired only in 2 days. In my home town we call beard papa's with "kue sus" I think they are same and have a same taste but beard papa's have a milk too much.

Btw, I also bring a "mochi" from Semarang to my friends. Short story we are exchange our food haha

OCB Mates


I just wanna say HAPPY HOLIDAY everyone!! Have a beautiful time and good day! Today is the last Saturday in this year and 2014 is only 3 days away ~ I know that it's a holiday time but I have to go to campus on Monday this is make me awkward.

Btw, I have many kindly friends in my new class we're find a new friends, culture and we have to appreciate each other. I really happy to have a good friends in my class that they are so friendly. Several days ago we're doing a new project, the project have to take impression for OCB class, we are really hard working for a day and alhamdulillah we just spent a day, many other class spent several days to finish their project. This time I will posting about my warm full friends from my OCB B class when we are working our project.

I have a best friend in my class, call her Betta first time I know her I think she is strange.. Yes, time to time runs to fast and we are become a best friend. She is a smart girl I ever know, she also giving me solution when I needed. Thanks too much my beb :* wish the next semester we will together (again)
 (ignore my strange microphone, I swear this is our project properties)

Actually I really love my casual style to going campus it's feel to free and I comfort with my daily casual style at campus


Time runs to fast and we know that this month is end of the year. December as always beautiful with be held Sekaten in alun-alun utara Jogja, it’s like a festival who always crowded everyday. Soon I will be there. Jogja as always special.

I was too busy with my new activity lately, my collage-life get busier too, some task  need to finish as soon as possible. But, I have I little time to enjoy my lovely Jogja. Today my friends and I went to Alun-Alun Kidul after collage and we had happy day!! I just couldn’t stop adoring the beautiful pedicabs with their lights who always make my eyes can’t close, I also enjoy the crowded, the people and many others. Btw, this is first time I posting my new friends I found at Jogja they are so amazing.

See, we're like a football team LOL!!

This is my collegian friends that really best I ever know, in addition we're from different region n culture but we're one and still be best forever