Jumat, 07 Maret 2014

Cafe Du Portrait


This time I want to recommendation a cafe in Semarang that has a vintage interior, called Du Portrait. I really love with the interior this look so adorable and warm full when we visited this cafe. Whenever we visited cafe the first menu I look was chicken steak. I think when the cafe has delicious chicken steak it mean the others menu are delicious, it's so strange right?

This is old photos, I have taken this photos 2 months ago when I have free time with my best friends. When we are visit this cafe you will feel like a home with the interior in 2nd floor. In addition, I think the waitress in this cafe actually have a little experience they are not kind to serve our, maybe this is a new cafe. But over all I love this cafe with all of their have.

Shabrina take Novita and me candid photo, we often doing something that not important as always as we do and we are so childish like an students of elementary school.

Ta-Ra this is our menu that we order, its so yummy ^^

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  1. makan Eropa tempo dulu ya.kapan kapan ajakin kesana ya.hahaha