Jumat, 10 Mei 2013

Simple Blue Traditional

Assalamu'alaikum beautiful,
How are u today? So confused what I have to write on my blog today. Actually I didn't have a good story and I know I'm not a good writer but I like to express my story on my blog. hihi apaan sih gombal banget.

Anw, last night, my aunty called me she want me to attending her graduation and I say "yes I will come" dengan yakin I say yes. I don't know what I wear today, I love simple style and casual. I try to mix and match my style and of course that style must comfort to me.
Maybe, it is so strangh I first think, but I think I want to promotion bout my product hihi ada udang dibalik batu nih niatnya. Comfort banget aku pake style hari ini so simple and stay cool tanpa ribet juga pastinya, ngapain ribet  kalo yang simple bisa terlihat stylist. hehe
"Happy Graduation My Beloved Aunty"
my aunty and me

my aunty n my mother twin

Look the foolish face of my youngest cousin in my family he is Aar, he is son from my aunty (my mother twin) Aar so kindly with everybody and many people like him.

my outfits:
Scarf : Unbranded
Outwear : Farisa *recommendded*
Skirt : DIY
Accesories : Naughty
Wedges : Yongki Komaladi

4 komentar:

  1. subhanallah
    thanks pretty ^^

  2. aaah Alhamdulillah, congrats for your aunty! nice color you have got :) anyway, where can i contact you? i wanna ask you about a collaboration project. thank you!

    1. thanks dear
      yap, I have olshop, u can call me on twitter @Houseof_farisa / 27D5B20E/ 085799900371