Selasa, 04 Februari 2014

Purple Mini Skirt


In my region the weather is not friendly, I mean rain everyday and make some villages in my city getting flood, alhamdulillah everything is right in my house. You know in "pantura" there are disasters such as landslide and flood. Well, rain and flood make some hole in road, of course it not save for drivers. Hope the disasters can stop :)

By the way, from many weeks ago I falling in love with sweater, sweater make me fell warm because I don't like with rain and cool. At home I don't what have to I wear, because I don't bring many clothes from mu house boarding, that's so strange if I bring many clothes. But, thanks so much for my mother because she often safe my old clothes in her wardrobe, she always said "one day you will need this clothes again my dear" and of course she is right. When I boring with my clothes I try to open my old wardrobe and I find my skirt from I still elementary school, when I try to wearing my skirt alhamdulillah the skirt can I wear. Suddenly I think can using my skirt again with the new style. 

You can she that this is tutu skirt, right? Well, some years ago this tutu skirt has famous too and now tutu skirt is famous (again) it mean some peoples sometimes back to past not try to find a new innovation. This is the photos before my long skirt (when I elementary school) after my mini skirt (now).


"Fashion is not something that exist in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening"
-Coco Chanel-

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