Selasa, 22 April 2014

Throwback : Sweet Green


Hello, April!! It's the day that I have to back in Yogyakarta for studied of course. Today's post about the day when I stayed in one of my fave culinary place. Last month, I went to Cimory with my special one. It was the time when he felt tired because we have to spent 4 hours to arrived in Yogyakarta and he drove it everytime for me. 

Cimory originate from Bogor since 2006. But now it open in Semarang, this was the place that never noisy. It was so cool! Cimory was comfortable place with the cold air and every where look sweet green. This place recommended for relaxation. It was more sweet atmosphere.

Anyway, I took this photos by iphone camera because I didn't bring camera but the result is not bad :)

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