Sabtu, 28 Desember 2013

OCB Mates


I just wanna say HAPPY HOLIDAY everyone!! Have a beautiful time and good day! Today is the last Saturday in this year and 2014 is only 3 days away ~ I know that it's a holiday time but I have to go to campus on Monday this is make me awkward.

Btw, I have many kindly friends in my new class we're find a new friends, culture and we have to appreciate each other. I really happy to have a good friends in my class that they are so friendly. Several days ago we're doing a new project, the project have to take impression for OCB class, we are really hard working for a day and alhamdulillah we just spent a day, many other class spent several days to finish their project. This time I will posting about my warm full friends from my OCB B class when we are working our project.

I have a best friend in my class, call her Betta first time I know her I think she is strange.. Yes, time to time runs to fast and we are become a best friend. She is a smart girl I ever know, she also giving me solution when I needed. Thanks too much my beb :* wish the next semester we will together (again)
 (ignore my strange microphone, I swear this is our project properties)

Actually I really love my casual style to going campus it's feel to free and I comfort with my daily casual style at campus

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