Sabtu, 28 Desember 2013


Time runs to fast and we know that this month is end of the year. December as always beautiful with be held Sekaten in alun-alun utara Jogja, it’s like a festival who always crowded everyday. Soon I will be there. Jogja as always special.

I was too busy with my new activity lately, my collage-life get busier too, some task  need to finish as soon as possible. But, I have I little time to enjoy my lovely Jogja. Today my friends and I went to Alun-Alun Kidul after collage and we had happy day!! I just couldn’t stop adoring the beautiful pedicabs with their lights who always make my eyes can’t close, I also enjoy the crowded, the people and many others. Btw, this is first time I posting my new friends I found at Jogja they are so amazing.

See, we're like a football team LOL!!

This is my collegian friends that really best I ever know, in addition we're from different region n culture but we're one and still be best forever

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