Selasa, 15 Oktober 2013

Monster Day


Holiday is over and tomorrow I have to back Jogja. Alhamdulillah selama lima hari di Demak saya selalu dikelilingi oleh orang-orang yang berharga buat saya baik dari keluarga maupun sahabat. Tak terasa waktu berjalan begitu cepat, yap besok saya harus kembali ke Jogja untuk melanjutkan kuliah saya di Universitas Islam Indonesia. I will miss them so much...

Today my best friends and I went to Semarang, right we will to nongki-nongki and spend my day in Mc Donald. We don't know where we have to stay. Finally where ever we stay we still "nga-alay" I love my best friends so much, with them everything is beautiful.

Friendship is not for one or two days but friendship always be with u forever

Hasta help us to take our photos, he is my partner and he like my brother actually my best friend too..

This is my LOL face!!

I'll introduce Hasta who always keep my spirit stay on!! He is funny boy and swear I never see he sad and cry, he always keep his friends always happy. Thanks my bro

Now, I want to share u about my awkward photos who take by timer from my tab. Sorry the result is not good

I love my outfits today its boyish and casual..
Btw, my MONster DAY really feel so awkward with my best friends

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