Minggu, 26 Januari 2014

That Day


It was surprised for me because my mother and my sister came to my house boarding in Yogyakarta. Sometimes, I might want to ask why they came suddenly? But then, when they came to me my life feel so awesome. 

In addition, my sister come to Jogja because she want to meet up with her boy friend. Oh that so a big reason for her to invite my mother to visit me. LOL!!

In the night my sister and I visited "Tugu Yogyakarta" and "km 0" arrived there we are not alone. My sister boyfriend's come and helped me to take photos, the result is clean and over all good, what do u think like me?

All of this photos taken by Canon EOS 60D thank you so much my sister boyfriend's
He is like a master photography with his 14th years old
I really falling in love with his result

Owala, this is my sister and me when for first time we can enjoy Jogja in the night without my parent, I am a great believer that I getting a beautiful night.

You can see from the left is my sister boyfriend (Muhis), my sister (Fara) and me

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