Sabtu, 25 Januari 2014

Red is Never Ending


Hi Saturday!! I back to my home town yesterday and today is first day that I have holiday. I really wish my holiday is very beautiful like yesterday I spend in Jogja with my BF.
January is mean rain everyday. Yaps, the rain can't stopped, it's so gloomy and breezy. The rain make me can't go out and just stay at home. Actually I don't like rain but the rain is the only weather where I feel comfortable to wearing sweaters. Hehe :)

The photos taken by Canon 1100 D and all of my OOTD taken by my sister who always help me for everything about photos. Thanks dear ^^

I really falling in love with my watch "Marc by Marc Jacobs"
soon as possible I wanna buy again, I swear!

There are many colors that I love. The one of my favorite is red, I don't know why I really love with red, I think when I using and wearing red outfits I feel like it's me!! Red is the color that have mean "full of spirit" 

My Outfits :
Scarf : Unbranded
Necklace : Adam & Eve
Watch : Marc by Marc Jacob
Bag : Adele
Top : Sweater (IG: @hosofshopaholic)
Pant : Al - Fath
Flat Shoes : Donatello

2 komentar:

  1. Keren banget jam nya :D
    You look effortlessly fashionable! xx

    1. Iya kak, favorite banget jamnya
      Thanks kakak ^^