Minggu, 26 Januari 2014

OCB Fair Day 1


Every year there is a great Output Character Building (OCB) Fair with different theme every year. This event is for only to new collegian like me. Collegians very support and glad to join with this event.

This is from my OCB B classmates, I was so luck knew them. Proud to have u guys.

The Girls
From the left there are Tisa, Me, Atika, Tika, Bunga, Betta and Hana

The Boys
From left there are Yudha, Sendi, Me and Ridho
Not only for join this event but also my best friends in collegian can feel the best moment for us. I will present about my best friends in collegian (again)
I don't know what I want to say but I really really really happy because I have a best friends who always stay for me. I never meet out togetherness like my best friends and me. 
Keep Togetherness and Stay Together ya guys me love u

From the left  Misel, Tian, Me, Muti, Shiwi, Danang and Caesar

See, this is our natural face haha
Oh ya, the boys in the corner are Ryan and Hilmi

Best of the best, hello Shiwi this is especially for u my best friend, my best partner for everything such as partner for eat, hangout, study, include partner for sleep because she often sleep in my room, everything feel so free when I near u my dear :)

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